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In most parts of the world, sports fans and the betting community may not expect there to be a thriving cricket scene in Canada but that certainly isn’t the case. In fact, it’s generally acknowledged that the first ever international cricket match took place between Canada and the United States back in 1844 and the game has enjoyed a loyal following ever since.

In the current climate, with the Global T20 competition a major focal point, this classic sport is bigger than ever before. At the same time, a huge rise in cricket betting is being experienced as Canada gains greater access to online sportsbooks.

So, if you’ve ever thought about betting on cricket but have yet to get involved, our sports betting guide is intended to help you on your way.

Recommended Cricket Betting Sites in Canada


How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting Site in Canada?

Cricket isn’t a niche sport in the true sense but prospective punters should still choose their bookmaker carefully. All sportsbooks offer some cricket markets but there are certain gambling operators who take things more seriously than others.

Cricket Betting Tips

Canadian players can look to start with dedicated North American companies such as Bodog or Sports Interaction. In general, registration and account verification should be quick and easy and you can quickly set your default currency to $CAD and start playing.

Signing up with an overseas-based bookmaker shouldn’t be tricky either. 888Sport are one online betting sports operator who has made it simple for betting players in many countries to get involved and this is a great place to find cricket offers and promotions that boost competitive everyday cricket odds.

Bet365 also come highly recommended and while this operator has built a reputation on live betting, they are just as good in the ante post cricket betting markets. This is a sportsbook who publish prices early and they may just have the widest set of cricket markets online.

SportingBet also have a wide coverage of gambling markets and some excellent odds so be sure to check them out. Elsewhere, Royal Panda are a fairly new entry into the world of sports betting but they have been established as a casino for some time. Setting up a sportsbook was a successful move for this operator who are known for a wider selection of cricket bets than most.

Those are our recommendations and for experienced and regular cricket bettors alike, there should be enough to meet your needs. Each operator offers something a little different for cricket online betting but they all provide value in their competitive odds plus a great choice of markets for games all over the world.

International Cricket Council (ICC)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) are the sport’s governing global body and they oversee all professional cricket around the world. The ICC maintains the laws and it organises all of the sport’s major tournaments.

Betting markets for cricket should cover all matches that fall under the umbrella of the ICC.

Test Matches

Test matches are the original form of the game. Traditionally played over 5 days, teams have two innings each and this is cricket’s longest format.

There are 12 test playing nations as of 2021. The most important test series is generally considered to be the Ashes between England and Australia. Other major tests involve India, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the West Indies.

One Day Internationals

Those 12 test playing nations also have permanent One Day International status. In addition, eight other teams have temporary ODI status in a secondary list which can be affected by promotion and relegation.

One Day Internationals are frequently played throughout the year. Each side is given 50 Overs to bat and the simple aim is to score more runs than the opposition to win.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Premier League was established in 2008 and has become the biggest domestic T20 competition. The present format sees eight franchise teams take part with the best T20 players from all over the world involved.

T20 cricket is a one day form of cricket where each side is allocated 20 overs. There are a number of domestic and international competitions taking place but, outside of the World Cup, the IPL is the biggest of them all.

Ashes Series

Australia and England played the first ever test match back in 1877 and The Ashes was established as the trophy a few years later. The sides now compete regularly in what most cricket followers acknowledge as the biggest test matches of all.

Ashes series rotate between England and Australia and, in general, they will take place every two years. Cricket fans can usually look forward to five test matches within each of those series.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The inaugural cricket world cup came along in 1975. In the present day, there are two main global tournaments with the 50 Over World Cup continuing to be held every four years.

Since 2007, the T20 version of the Cricket World Cup has joined the calendar. It’s been held on an irregular basis since that first edition but it’s since been scheduled to take place every four years since 2016.

Pakistan Super League

The PSL is the biggest T20 competition in Pakistan and it was first set up in 2016. Currently, the format of the tournament allows for six franchise teams and they can also attract some of the biggest T20 players.

The Pakistan Super League follows established Twenty20 rules and a knockout phase follows the group stages.

Big Bash League

The Big Bash is Australia’s answer to the IPL and the PSL. It’s been in place since 2011 and it is traditionally played across the Christmas and New Year period.

The Big Bash brings new innovations to the game including a bat flip instead of a coin toss but it still adheres to the main laws as set down by the ICC.

Types of Cricket Betting: Cricket Betting Odds

Online cricket betting is popular with punters for lots of reasons and you don’t even have to be a huge fan of the sport to get involved. One of the reasons for its increasing popularity lies in the range of sports betting opportunities that are available.

We’ll start with the betting basics and that means the moneyline bet on the result. It’s all about backing a win for either side or, in some cases, a draw is an available option. Beyond the straight result, there is a whole host of prop bets and many of these focus on individual players. Markets for top cricket batsman and top bowler are listed and most sportsbooks also publish cricket bets for the man of the match.

Other cricket betting options are related to the teams: There are markets for Most Sixes, Most Fours and which of the two sides will put on the highest opening partnership.

Cricket is a stats and numbers-based game so you can also expect to see lots of cricket markets for total runs. For the biggest games around the world, there could be more than 100 cricket bets available so there really is plenty online betting options to enjoy when you bet on cricket.

The growth in online cricket betting has meant that the sportsbooks need to keep their cricket odds as high as possible in order to be competitive in a crowded betting market. More and more online gambling operators want their share of the industry so this is a great time for cricket bettors to get involved.

Cricket Betting Markets

First BallMost cricket betting sites have options for a first ball of the match market. Options will be in place for a dot ball, wide, no ball, one run, two runs, four runs a wicket and more.
First Ball Dot Or NotCricket odds will be supplied for ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether or not the first ball of a match will be a dot.
First Over Total RunsMost cricket betting sites that get involved with Total Runs in the match will publish a number of lines and it’s the task of the bettor to go Over or Under one or more of those lines.
First Innings 50In many sportsbooks, cricket betting options will be in place for any batsman to score 50 runs or more in the first innings. Odds will appear for ‘yes’ or ‘no’
First Innings 100This market will see cricket betting sites publish odds on whether any batsman will score 100 runs or more on first innings. The two selections will be ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
First Wicket MethodThis option will provide cricket odds for the method used in taking the first wicket. Bets will include bowled, caught, run out, LBW and more.
Highest First Six OversThis will usually only appear for limited overs games. Cricket betting will offer the chance to decide which team will have the highest total after the first six overs.
Highest Opening PartnershipFor this market, cricket betting sites will allow customers to bet on which side delivers the highest opening partnership.
Man Of The MatchThis is a simple cricket betting market with odds available for all players, and bettors have to stake on who they think will win the Man of the Match award.
Most Run OutsThe most dedicated cricket betting sites publish markets on which team in a specific game will incur the most run outs.
Not To Score A FiftyFor limited overs matches, there can be an option to bet on no player to score a fifty in the game.
Team To Score Most FoursOdds for this market will mainly apply to one day games with bettors able to stake on which team they think will score the most fours.
Team To Score Most SixesThis is another limited overs bet where cricket odds are available on either team to score the most sixes.
Tied MatchIn match result betting, some cricket betting sites will provide odds on a tie as well as prices on a win for either side.
To Come SecondThis market will be available for league competitions and cricket odds apply to which team will finish second.
To Score 50This bet offers cricket odds on specific players to score 50 or more runs in a match.
To Score 100The To Score 100 market provides prices on named players to score 100 or more runs in a match.
To Win A Tournament OutrightOdds in this case are available on all teams in a tournament and the task is to stake on the overall winner.
To Win The GroupGroup winner odds are also available for big tournaments such as the World Cup
To Win The TossThis is a straight call between the two teams and which of them will win the toss.
Top BatsmanCricket betting markets will frequently appear for the top overall batsman in the match.
Top BowlerTop Bowler odds apply to the bowler who returns the best figures in the specified game.
Top Team BatsmanDistinct from the top overall batsman, Top Team Batsman odds apply to the leading run scorer in a named side.
Top Team BowlerMarkets here will be available for named players and bettors stake on who they think will finish as top match bowler in a specific team.
Top Tournament BatsmanFor major tournaments, cricket betting will be in place for the overall leading run scorer.
Top Tournament Wicket TakerTop tournament wicket taker odds apply to the player who takes the most wickets in a specified competition.
Top Two FinishFor big tournaments including the world cup, the major cricket betting sites may publish a Top Two Finish, also known as a To Reach the Final bet.

Cricket Betting Strategies – How to bet on Cricket?

Most popular sports need research if punters are going to tip the odds in their favor and cricket is no exception. Nothing is ever guaranteed but for a better chance of making profits over a longer term, bettors can start by looking at recent form and head to head results between the two sides involved.

Further analysis can be carried out in terms of individuals: Do they perform unusually well at certain grounds and / or against specific opposition? If the answer is ‘yes’ then they become strong contenders in individual betting markets such as top cricket batsman, top bowler and Man of the Match.

Other, more specific strategies can be applied to any sport including cricket: Some of these cricket betting tips are quite basic such as the theory behind sports betting on the favorites in the moneyline result market. If you win then you collect a profit and repeat the process but if you were to lose then you double your stake and start again.

One point to note concerns T20 cricket and this is where it’s important to make distinctions between the three different forms of the game. First class cricket is played over several days while traditional, one day cricket is played in a single day and consists of 50 overs a side. Surprise results can happen in these formats but they are relatively rare.

In contrast, T20 cricket is fast paced and is far more volatile with each cricket team getting just 20 overs. Surprise results can come quite frequently and while cricket odds may be higher as a result, there is that volatility element to keep in mind.

Finally, you can look to follow cricket betting tipsters and you can read our preview of the biggest cricket matches all over the world. There are many ways in which to approach cricket betting online but you should be prepared with at least one strategy before committing to a stake.

Cricket Live Streaming and Live Betting

Test and first class cricket is played over several days and even the limited overs formats go on for many hours. A lengthy sport, combined with the potential for a wide set of cricket bets means that this sport is a perfect fit for the live betting markets.

The majority of live bets are simply carried over from the ante post markets so you can look out for the result, top batsman, top bowler, most sixes, total runs and many more. In play online cricket betting can also supply a unique set of cricket betting markets such as Next Batsman to be Dismissed.

If you are going to get involved with live cricket bets or you simply just want to watch more of the cricket game, you could consider the betting options for live streaming. TV coverage of the bigger cricket tournaments is continuing to grow but many sportsbooks, including the ones that we recommend on this page, offer their own live streaming service.

To watch, check to see which cricket games are available. It’s likely that you will need a funded account but read up on the terms and conditions to see if there are any other rules relating to access. It’s a great way to enhance the excitement of cricket betting while enjoying some extended live coverage and live betting.

Cricket Betting FAQ – A Guide

Is Cricket Betting Legal In Canada?

It is legal to bet on cricket in Canada providing that you are of legal gambling age and that you play with an online betting site that is fully regulated by the relevant authorities. Firms based inside Canada have to go through rigorous tests before they are allowed to provide gambling services.

For overseas operators, there are fewer restrictions but players in Canada should still be certain that the provider is allowed to trade here. An easy way to check on this is to scroll down to the bottom of the homepage where full details of licensing can usually be found. Better still, consider our list of recommended Canadian cricket bookmakers first.

What Are The Popular Cricket Betting Events in Canada?

International global events pull together all of the top cricketing nations on the planet and these are times when the online cricket betting markets become especially active. Every four years, the International Cricket Council (ICC) puts on a World Cup for 50 over cricket and this is a great spectacle played over several weeks.

There is a T20 World Cup too and after several calendar changes, this now also rotates on a four year basis. The future of the ICC Champions Trophy is in doubt but the game’s governing body has finally introduced a World Championship for Test Cricket which started in 2019.

Elsewhere, the rise of T20 cricket has seen the birth of national competitions and wagers that have become popular right across the globe. The Indian Premier League is a great example of this but you could also look to bet on the Caribbean T20, the T20 Blast in England or Australia’s Big Bash.

Test Cricket is also played around the world and the most famous series of all is The Ashes between England and Australia. It’s a historic coming together of two great cricketing nations but there are other, highly contested series involving India, South Africa, Pakistan, the West Indies and more.

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