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In 1999, a simple multiplayer mod for Half-Life developed by two big fans of the Valve game would forever change the landscape of multiplayer shooters. Released for PC, Counter-Strike became a global phenomenon whose popularity doesn’t seem to die even today. A first-person multiplayer shooter where you pick between counter-terrorists and terrorists, the game is driven by an open-source code which allows further modification.

Over the years, CS became a game on its own after the rights to it were acquired by Valve Corporation. It was tweaked and improved constantly, with the latest iteration, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being the most popular game in the series.

CS:GO tournaments and other events are available round the year, sparking an interest in the betting community. It’s a multi-million industry with money up for grabs.

Recommended CSGO Betting Sites in Canada


Which are the Best CS:GO Betting Sites?

Many high-profile betting sites have CS:GO markets to bet on including bet365 and Pinnacle. eSports is a booming market nowadays, with plenty of betting options at your disposal. Check out the best CS:GO betting sites we came across:

Unibet is your home for CS:GO betting. As one of the most popular bookies on the market, Unibet provides pre-match and outright odds on a variety of CS:GO events. The great thing about this bookie is that it provides detailed statistics for each match which will help you decide on your bet so you can win big.

Banking Options and Security for CS:GO Bettors

All properly regulated bookies pay special attention to security and banking. Punters want to place their bets in a safe and secure environment, and the bookies on the list surely provide it. Security is of utmost importance in online betting and they know that well. Using the latest SSL security protocols as well as other technologies, you can be sure that the aforementioned bookies are perfectly safe and reliable.

You have plenty of banking options at your disposal as well to fund your account. Most people just go with credit and debit cards, but bookies also offer alternatives such as e-wallets. E-wallets are a great option since they allow fast withdrawals and are much more convenient to use than any other option. Additionally, you might also get a special promo for some of these payment methods which is another plus in the Pro column for web wallets.

Recently, bookies and online casinos around the world have started accepting cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. Using Bitcoin to deposit money is a simple, hassle-free option which will delight every CS:GO betting fan that owns crypto coins. It’s an anonymous, safe and secure way to bet on eSports which will probably replace traditional payment methods in the future. Or at least we hope so.

CS:GO Events & Tournaments

As mentioned, many popular eSports tournaments give fans non-stop action and punters a variety of markets. The biggest of them take place in Europe and are known as majors. There are two of them and both are sponsored by Valve Corporation. With prizes worth $1,000,000, the Major Championships are rightfully considered the most prestigious tournaments on the scene.

The Majors are held twice a year – at the beginning and around September. The latest two were the IEM Season XIII in Katowice (February/March 2019) and the StarLadder Major in Berlin held in August/September this year. Last year, the Majors were increased to 24 teams (up from 18) which means that the CS:GO scene is getting more and more competitive. The last two Majors were won by Astralis and were worth $1,000,000 each.

Apart from Majors, other tournaments such as the World Electronic Sports Games are also popular. The WESG is considered an alternative to traditional Olympic Games with various eSports disciplines. It is also worth around a million, making it very prestigious.
During each year, there are dozens of other smaller events and tournaments where up-and-coming stars can show their skills and announce their presence on the big stage.

CS:GO Betting Tips

If you go online and search for CS:GO betting tips, you’ll find plenty of information. However, not all of it will be good. CS:GO betting has grown into a major betting market with millions of fans. There’s no way to guarantee a surefire win for any side, including major favourites. Just like all sports, CS:GO betting can go either way, which is why you need to take a good look at all the markets on offer.

Before you bet on CS:GO, you’ll need to make your research. It’s not 1999 anymore – CS:GO has grown into a big eSport with dozens of tournaments taking place throughout the year. Europe seems to be the biggest CS:GO market. Thousands of CS:GO fans bet on a large number of tournaments all over Europe at the aforementioned bookies. Some of these tournaments are big while others are small. This is why you need to do proper research on the events and teams you plan to bet on which should increase your chances of winning cash.

When you’re ready, you need to start “fishing” for the best odds. The online betting market is pretty crowded right now. With so many options at your disposal, you’ll need to find the bookie with the best odds and features that suit you.

CS:GO Betting FAQ

If you’re new to the world of eSports and CS:GO betting, you’ll probably have a lot of questions. Don’t worry – we’re here to answer all your questions and provide more information on the topic.

How to Get the Best Bonuses for CS:GO?

To claim the best bonuses for CS:GO, you’ll have to “scan” the online betting market. As mentioned, the competition is getting fierce, with all new bookies trying to snatch away customers with attractive bonuses and promos. Although it’s not great for the bookies, it’s great for punters who get a shot at great bonuses apart from great odds.

Is CS:GO Betting Legally Different than Sports Betting?

eSports is a bit difficult to pin down when it comes to regulation. In many countries, it is regarded and regulated in the same way as any other sport, so you can bet on it legally. Others have been slow to arrange regulation for these bets. The laws in Canada regarding eSports betting are pretty relaxed, so you won’t be in trouble if you bet on CS:GO online.

The issue of the so-called skin betting, however, is a bit more complex.

How to Check the Reputation of CS:GO Betting Sites?

The best CS:GO betting sites will be regulated by the biggest governing bodies for online gambling and protected by top-notch SSL encryption and other network protocols. The license is the first thing you need to check at an online bookie. If it’s not regulated, it surely won’t offer a safe and secure environment.

Luckily for you, the bookies on our list are properly licensed and regulated and considered trustworthy.

What are Skin or Item CS:GO Betting?

Skin betting is a hot topic in the online gambling community for years. In short, skin betting is the use of virtual goods such as cosmetic elements (skins) as virtual currency on the outcome of eSports and CS:GO matches. It originally started in CS:GO and later spread to other gaming communities. Valve and Steam have condemned this gambling practice as it goes against their terms and conditions. However, players simply don’t stop with it.

Regarding its legality in Canada, the laws are pretty unclear. Bets on eSports can only be made in cash for the moment while we await further developments on the legal status of skin betting.

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