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Entropay Review

Sportsbooks that are open to Canadian customers offer a varied set of funding options. Debit and credit cards should be in place as a minimum requirement but beyond those basic facilities, most players would like to see a choice of eWallets.

Entropay is just one of the names that Canada-friendly sportsbooks can provide so let’s take a look at that company in greater detail.

What is Entropay?

Entropay’s website states that they are the fastest way to pay online but that’s a pretty bold claim to make when there is so much competition. Other eWallets can also offer instant payments but Entropay are certainly right up there when it comes to fast and easy transactions.

The biggest downside to Entropay is that they are no longer accepting new customers. However, if you do have a current prepaid card that has been issued by this operator then you can still use it at retailers that accept them.

Entropay to PayPal

While customers cannot transfer money directly between Entropay and PayPal, it is possible to make PayPal purchases if you have the prepaid Entropay debit card. Make a separate application for this when you open an account here and the card will be sent on in a matter of a few short days.

When it arrives, log on to your PayPal account and look for the section marked ‘Banks and Cards’. Click on this and there should be an option to link new cards to your account. Add in all of the requested information and then click save to store your Entropay card on your PayPal account.

You can then use that card freely to pay for purchases from within your PayPal account.

Entropay in Canada

The restrictions that are currently being applied by Entropay are quite severe and in time, it may be the case that players from Canada will no longer be allowed to use the service. For now, however, it is perfectly possible to use the debit card when you’re depositing to and withdrawing from your iGaming account.

Check that the operator in question accepts entropay as a form of funding. If that is the case, you won’t be able to sign up with entropay as a new user but if you have an existing account, you are free to go ahead.

Entropay Charges

Any charges made by Entropay at any given time could be in addition to those charged by a sportsbook operator. While many take eWallets and prepaid cards as a form of funding, it is possible that the gambling companies involved could make charges of their own.

It’s easy to check on that particular point: Most bookmakers list a separate payments section where a list of any charges is shown but if there is any doubt, we suggest getting in touch with customer services.

As for charges made by Entropay themselves, the main charge to look out for is the $6.00 fee applied whenever users transfer a balance to their own personal debit or credit card. There are currency conversion charges as well and for full information, head to the help section of your entropay account.