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Tropical vibes and the cooling breeze off the sea is coming your way when you play with Island Jackpots. This UK based casino has been designed to give you all the joys of summer, all year round, no matter the weather. What is more, it has the promise of delivering top notch games and the chance to hit some pretty hefty jackpots. And from what we’ve seen so far, we’d say that the potential to do so is there: there’s bright colours, enticing offers, a mix of slot machines, and so much more. That being said, as we all know, looks can be deceiving and so we’ll need to properly tread these warm waters before we give it the thumbs up or down.

Bonuses and Promotions

As we attempt to look for the promotions, it soon dawns on us that we need to register if we’re to access the full capacity of this website. This could be seen as negative by a lot of casual players, who are sat on the fence and eager to see the range of bonuses before committing. Fortunately, the process of registering is pretty simple and hardly time consuming. Once you’re in, you’ll see that, currently, there’s three promotions on offer, one of which is the opening welcome bonus.

In regards to a VIP scheme, there’s Island Rewards, a loyalty points based system that will allow you to climb up the ladder of levels. As you’d expect, all newbies start at Level 1 and must earn their way to the top. Other than that though, we can’t detail how you hit the entry levels for each tier as the information given is surprisingly sparse.

Software and Casino Games

When it comes to the software here, customers will see the likes of Thunderkick, Eyecon, Barcrest, and NetEnt. This is a decent coverage for the brand, a truth that is reaffirmed by the sheer number of activities available – there’s said to be over 300 in total. However, before you get too excited, all of them are slots, and so there’s a clear niche being catered to here. This in turn means that the casino side of things, such as table games and live casino, are not catered to, thus limiting the brand.

Players can choose to scroll through all the titles listed, or they can go via categories, or they can use the helpful search bar provided. Furthermore, once they click to play a game the search bar is present when inside the activity of your choice, allowing you to navigate the rest of the games with ease. We wouldn’t say that it’s a refined and polished system, but the design works well enough, and has enough options to prevent unnecessary stress when looking for a title.


The FAQs is where you’ll find banking information, though there is always more in-depth facts to scan via the Terms and Conditions, if you so wish. However, we find that this help section does its job in alerting you to the payment methods accepted, and the fees/waiting times of each of them. For example, we’re made aware that all six of the methods offered have a withdrawal process time of between 48-72 hours, and that the completion of the process could take up to five working days. As for the payments accepted, there’s VISA, Neteller, Cheque, Wire Transfer, and PayPal; although these are all acceptable, they don’t seem as on trend and up to date as other online casinos out there.

In regards to the currencies that these accept, none of listed, and so we have to assume that the bare minimum of dollars, pounds and euros are accepted. Though, as always, more could be available but simply aren’t detailed by the brand at this time, a factor that is mirrored by the lack of information via other reviews regarding the website.

Company Background and License

Cassava Enterprises, one of the big names within the online gaming sector, is behind the May 2017 website that you see before you. Having been founded in the late 1990s, they’ve amassed many casinos in their name, such as Vegas Spins, Jester Jackpots, and Oink Bingo. In addition to this large company security promise, you have the gaming license of the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, as well as the Great Britain Gambling Commission. For full details, you can access the Responsible Gaming information via the options at the bottom of the website.

Customer Service

We move onto customer support now, arguably one of the most important parts of any website, gaming or not. When it comes to Island Jackpots, their coverage is average in its depth, with an email system and telephone service available. The former option is said to have a waiting time around the 48 hour mark, meaning that most enquiries should be dealt with swiftly. As for phonecalls, they’re only available between 9am and 1am, though this is for all seven days of the week; as you can see, the lack of 24/7 service could be an issue.

What is more, the removal of a live chat option is not only odd but discouraging, as that’s one of the easiest means of accessing help when dealing with queries online. Nevertheless, they have most bases covered for now.


Our time with Island Jackpots has been one of enjoyment, but one that has always had something missing, though we can’t quite put our finger on it. This new and upcoming brand is expected to have problems, but to have such lack of depth in places like game offers (no live casino or table games), and no live chat, are potentially flaws that need addressing. What is more, the fact that the site is rather limited in scope until you sign up is another factor that we believe hinders what the brand is attempting to do. Still, it’s a casino that works for the most part, and has a decent range of slots, should that be your main vice.

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